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A new, re-vamped, and ground-breaking Titans team is coming soon! With an official start date of April 8th the Triangle Aquatic Club Titans are gearing up to make waves in the US Swimming community!

Now Hiring!

To begin the transition from a recreational-only program to a full-fledged competitive swim team, complete with three different swimming tracks, the Triangle Aquatic Club is hiring full time coaches. These exciting opportunities will fill quickly with high-quality coaching candidates, so apply today! A coaching staff will be announced in late February to early March!

Director of Elite Swimming

Director of Challenge Swimming

Director of Preparatory Swimming

Elite Track Swim Coach

Challenge Track Swim Coach

Challenge Track Swim Coach 2

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These are exciting opportunities for coaches who will be working for a professional organization that cares for the wellbeing and vertical growth of it's staff. The Triangle Aquatic Club will train primarily in the state of the art Triangle Aquatic Center, where the Titans and the TAC learn to swim programming will have first priority to all lane space!

While more information will be posted at www.tactitans.org over the coming weeks, here's a brief outline of the TAC Titan vision, we hope you will join the movement!

Titan Mission Statement

To develop each athlete to his or her greatest potential - both in the water and in life.

The Titan Team Vision

To provide an all inclusive swim program for the Triangle community that will, regardless of skill level, provide high quality instruction and coaching for swimmers of varying commitment levels while also providing high-performance-focused opportunities for swimmers who desire to compete and succeed at the highest levels - both Nationally and Internationally.

Titan Team Objectives

  • To promote a family atmosphere, aquatic safety and community support and involvement through all levels of swimming.
  • To promote diversity throughout competitive swimming and aquatic programming.
  • To provide swimmers and coaches with the necessary resources to learn, train, teach and compete at their highest individual level of achievement.
  • To develop swimmers with great attitudes towards peers, competitors, coaches and life.
  • To continue to improve and expand aquatic programming throughout the Triangle. Allowing opportunity for the maximum number of individuals to benefit from Titan programming while exceeding quality expectations and industry standards.

The Titan Team Philosophy

The Titan team strives to develop each athlete to their greatest potential. The Titan coaching staff works to teach, train and motivate swimmers to achieve at their peak in the water, in the classroom and in life. The positive experience that swimming provides will allow each Titan to become successful young adults in today's society, developing a confident self image and healthy habits which are of the upmost importance.

The Titan program instills an underlying understanding and appreciation for goal setting and achievement, self-motivation, team spirit, comrade, cooperation, time management and mental and physical toughness.

Titan Coach's Mantra

I will work to constantly become a better instructor, mentor and role model for each of my swimmers. I will work each day to not only train and motivate, but to also instruct athletes as individuals. Each swimmer has different needs and I must take these individual needs into consideration in order for each of my athletes to reach their potential not only as swimmers, but in life as well.

Titan Athlete Creed

I will work each day to become a better athlete and individual. My actions both in and out of the pool are a reflection on myself, my parents, my coach and my team. I will compete with honor, intensity and respect for my fellow competitors.

Titan Swimming Track System

Also known as "Titan Tracks," athletes will be allowed to train and compete with peers of similar age, ability and commitment level and will select or be placed in a tack that best fits their needs.

There are three Titan Tracks. Preparatory, Challenge, and Elite.

Within each track are groups which are broken up primarily by age. Within the Elite Track are Sectional/National group opportunities that are by invite/tryout only.

Titan Training Philosophy

The Triangle Aquatic Club focuses on preparing swimmers for long term progression and success. The groundbreaking "Titan Tracks" progression model was designed with this in mind. The Triangle Aquatic Club stresses that all programs must emphasize the future more so than the present.

All "Titan Tracks" emphasize quality over quantity. No athlete is allowed to practice with poor technique at any time! Each program will emphasize a strong component of kicking, technique work, individual medley training, and aerobic conditioning. As a swimmer grows and matures, his or her "best" strokes or events typically change, which is why it is important for every age group swimmer to prepare (with proper technique) for the IM and all distances of freestyle. If a swimmer is exposed to all strokes and distances throughout each track, he or she will be better prepared to compete successfully in any event or distance.

The Titan Training Philosophy will develop the most versatile swimmer, capable of efficiently performing in all strokes and distances.

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